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Income Maximization

Never before has the dream of retirement been so threatened. Today, medical advancements have afforded us with a longer yet more uncertain retirement. What’s more, company pension plans and benefits that once provided security in retirement are becoming obsolete. Add to that the state of our country’s Social Security system, ever-rising healthcare costs, sustained market volatility, the threat of inflation, and the likelihood of higher taxes, and today’s retiree is left with the daunting challenge of how to enjoy retirement to the fullest without constantly worrying about running out of money. Now more than ever, retirees need the help of a qualified professional to help set a course to discovering peace of mind.

For years, many have relied on a widely accepted rule of thumb of simply being able to live on a 4% annual withdraw from their accounts throughout retirement. In today’s market however, as a leading financial services firm’s study shows*, it’s questionable whether this strategy can be relied on.

Using cutting-edge strategies and the best retirement income solutions available today (solutions most advisors and firms do not know about or have access to), our retirement income specialists can set a course to a dependable, secure paycheck for you in retirement while you maintain control of your money and access to capital when you need it.

*”Dismal Decade Offers Cautionary Lessons for Retirees.” T. Rowe Price Report Issue No. 110, Winter 2011: 16. Print.


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